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Yo-yo "Smile" light, MIX color

Not available Yo-yo "Smile" light, MIX color
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This product has a minimum quantity of 12

This simple, at first glance, a toy you can perform incredible stunts. That's why she took possession of the hearts of millions of people of different ages and sex around the world.

Yo-yo "Smile" light, MIX color is not only an exciting, but also a very useful game. She will teach your child patience, attentiveness, dexterity, and will develop motor skills and hands, especially fingers. Even the ancient Greeks used yo-yo to treat polyarthritis !.

Yo-yo is made of high-quality plastic in bright colors, because for a child, first of all, the appearance of the toy is important. It will help him learn the basics of dealing with this "little devil on a string" and deliver a lot of positive emotions. Just imagine the look of your child, when he will joyfully come running to you and show what he learned.

Age 3 years
Country China
For anyone Unisex
In box Count
Material Plastic
Package size 5 cm × 5 cm × 5 cm
Per package by 12 Count
Structure Plastic
Trademark Country Carnival
Warehouse CVU 2

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