Word game "Positivum"

Not available Word game "Positivum"
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We fill life with positive on the basis of the Activiti game !.

What can promise a game with that name ?! By all means the most positive emotions. Play together or teams and create a great mood !.

The essence of the game.

You must be the first to get to the finish line on the playing field, pulling cards from the deck and explaining the words written on them. Do you think this is difficult? Nothing like this! It is easy and fun !.

Develop your strategy.

The field for the game is not easy - there are special places on it, once you get there you can move forward or backward or get a special task. Thanks to them, you can ensure the victory of your team. Are you intrigued? Then rather open the box and read the rules !.

The most interesting.

So how will you move forward? Your own talents and skills will help you in this, because in order to win, you need to sing, compose poetry, draw and portray !.

What needs to be done ?.

The game has 100 cards, each of which contains 5 words marked in different colors. These colors symbolize the means of explanation - from simple to complex. The more complicated the way of explanation the players choose, the more moves they move their chip.

Time is running out.

The game is complicated by the fact that the time for explaining the word is strictly limited, for this the hourglass is provided in the set. The explainer is selected in advance. If the team correctly guessed the word, it moves forward, if it does not have time to guess, it remains in place.

Inside you will find :.

  • 100 cards with words;.
  • 5 player chips;.
  • playing field;.
  • hourglass;.
  • rules of the game.
Age 12 years
Country China
Game time 30 minutes
Genre of the game Communication
In box Count
Number of players 4 - 6 players
Number of players 2 - 10
Package size 3 cm × 23.5 cm × 35.5 cm
Per package from 1 Count
Reason for the game Children's party
Structure Paper, cardboard, plastic
Trademark LAS GAMES

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