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Baby cream moisturizing 75ml

Baby cream moisturizing 75ml in the best way moisturizes and softens the skin. Cream has the propert..


Children's cream "My duckling", 75 g.

Baby cream "My duckling", 75 g moisturizes the most sensitive parts of the body crumbs. The nourish..


Cream for children MY SUN gentle 75ml.

The hypoallergenic composition of the cream with active natural ingredients effectively softens, moi..


Cream for children MY SUN with chamomile extract 100ml.

Ideal for daily care of delicate and sensitive baby skin. The cream perfectly softens, moisturizes a..


Cream MY SUN Clean spout 30 ml.

A special tool to facilitate breathing and skin care around the nose. It solves the main problems du..


Monastery elixir "From the common cold" 100 ml.

The tool is used in the treatment of colds (flu, tonsillitis, bronchitis, tracheitis, pneumonia, ton..


Patch lumbar - shoulder camel hair, PP 58-62

Wool back bandage is designed to warm up the lumbosacral and shoulder areas. Wool has a micromassage..


Beauty & Health