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AVS WB-6301 scraper brush, 53 cm, soft handle, fluffy bristles.

WB-6301 scraper brush is designed for cleaning snow and ice from a car. For convenient scraping, the..


Brush brushes with scraper "Black & Blue" BB1004, soft handle, 42 cm, mix.

The Black & Blue brush has special hole punching teeth that make scraping ice easier. Fluffy bristle..


Brush with scraper "Li-Sa" LS202, flogged. handle, rubber. scraper, 45 cm.

The Li-Sa brush has a fluffy bristle with optimal stiffness, thanks to which you quickly remove snow..


Brush-basting TORSO 60 cm, reinforced, MIX

The brush brush is designed to clean the car body and windows in the winter season. The accessory wi..