Wedge anchor 12x100, in a package of 1 pc.

Not available Wedge anchor 12x100, in a package of 1 pc.
  • Brand: TECH-KREP
  • Product Code: 1216006
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Wedge anchor 12 x 100 is used for fastening to various types of materials of heavy structures, where fixation is required, able to withstand high loads. It is a metal stud with a thread along the entire length, at one end of which there is a conical tip with an external sleeve in the form of a short belt, and on the other end a washer with a nut. With the help of such a tool, railings, balustrades, suspended ceilings, supporting consoles, heavy elements and bulky steel structures are fastened. Anchor can be used when connecting to solid surfaces: reinforced concrete, natural stone or solid brick. Thanks to galvanized coating, the nut is protected against corrosion.

Mounting Method :.

In the surface where the anchor will subsequently be installed, a hole of the corresponding diameter is drilled. The hole may be a depth that does not correspond to the length. The wedge anchor can be installed in through holes (as opposed to driven). After installation in the hole, the nut is screwed onto the steel rod, as a result of which the movable girdle (sleeve) creeps onto the cone-shaped shank, and the sleeve bursts, that is, the diameter of the end part increases in size, which creates its reliable and durable fastening to the surface.

Country Russia
Diameter, mm 12
Guarantee period of months. 3
In box Count
Length, mm 100
Packing, PCs. 1
Per package from 10 Count
Size M12
Structure Metal
Trademark TECH-KREP
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