Webbed for swimming size S, color MIX

-35% Webbed for swimming size S, color MIX
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If you want to learn how to swim well, the eardrum for swimming is what you need. This nice and soft accessory is used in aqua fitness and water aerobics to reduce water resistance during exercise. This model is worn on the fingers, fits them tightly and does not hinder movements. Suitable for children from 6 years old.

Areas of use :.

  • swimming training;.
  • speed swimming;.
  • surfing;.
  • diving and snorkeling;.
  • water polo;.
  • triathlon;.
  • swimming in open water;.
  • water aerobics;.
  • water therapy.

Material: Silicone. Included: 2 membranes.

Country China
In box pair
Material Silicone
Per package from 1 pair
Structure Silicone

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