Watercolor art set in ditches of 36 colors x 2.5 ml "Petersburg Classics".

Watercolor art set in ditches of 36 colors x 2.5 ml
  • Brand: Aqua color
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Environmentally friendly watercolor "Aqua-Color" is suitable for professional work, free expression and children's creativity.

In its production, light-resistant pigments are used, due to which the watercolor has the necessary saturation and good tolerance.

Useful tips.
  • Get a palette. So while mixing paints you can see the final color as it will be on paper.
  • Use brushes of different sizes.
  • Use quality watercolor paper.
  • Keep paper towels and a hairdryer on hand to collect excess moisture from the sheet or quickly dry the paint.
  • Insert a large brush rinse container. A glass is usually not enough, but a liter of water is enough to create work even in A3 format.
Brush No
Color MIX
Country Russia
Hardness Semi-Solid (Dry)
In box set
Number of colors 36
Of the paint Watercolor
Packing Кювета
Per package from 1 set
Set Yes
Structure Watercolor
Temperature limitation Yes
Trademark Аква-Колор
Volume, ml 2
Warehouse CVU 3

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