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Wall hanger, 8 hooks

Not available Wall hanger, 8 hooks
  • Brand: Dolyana
  • Product Code: 131453
  • Availability: Not available
  • $18.75

A hanger is an extremely revealing attribute of the interior. Where will guests hang their clothes ?.

Did the owner choose plain plastic hooks for this? Or, perhaps, an ancient, massive accessory from the Soviet era is still hanging in the house? In many ways, the hanger that guests immediately see in the hallway is a reflection of the nature of the owner of the house.

What impression would you like to make: a person who is indifferent and careless, or someone who respects others and has a sense of style ?.

If you consider yourself in the second category, then the hanger is your choice! Elegant design, affordable price and simplicity of the product will pleasantly surprise you. Forget the mess - clothes will stop falling off hooks. The hanger is so convenient to use that it would never occur to anyone to enter the house in street clothes !.

Remember that every detail of the interior is important to create a cozy atmosphere. Order a hanger, and let your home become even closer to perfection!

Color of the furniture Chrome
Country China
In box Count
Material Metal
Number of hooks 8
Package size 43 cm × 4 cm × 5 cm
Per package from 10 Count
Structure Metal
Trademark Dolyana
View of the installation Wall
Warehouse CVU 4

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