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Wall clock, series: Pendulum, with the Bunny "grapevine", 28x19 cm.

Wall clock, series: Pendulum, with the Bunny
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A cuckoo clock has long ceased to be just a clock or a piece of furniture. This is a cultural phenomenon. The first cuckoo clock appeared more than 300 years ago. The German land of the Black Forest is considered their homeland. The usual appearance for us - a fabulous house decorated with leaves or figures of animals and birds - the watch acquired in the middle of the XIX century.

wall clock with a bunny + music, the vine around the house 28 * 19cm plastic works on a battery, weights - fake. Cuckoo volume is adjustable.

Adjusting the volume No
Automatic shut-off No
Country China
In box Count
Package size 6.7 cm × 17.6 cm × 20.7 cm
Per package from 1 Count
Progress of the cuckoos No
Rosscup Yes
Size batteries AA
Sound Melody
Sound No
Structure Plastic, glass
Theme of the party Easter
Themes Interior
Type of display Arabic numerals

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