Vase Incanto.

Not available Vase Incanto.
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Vase Incanto will be a truly invaluable gift for a lover of stylish and exclusive things. It is made of valuable Venetian art glass and is not only the embodiment of the amazing fantasy of the master glassblower, but also carries a piece of his soul, because every product that goes under the brand name La Murrina Murano is hand-blown. Even the most experienced craftsman will not be able to create two absolutely identical products - they will still vary. The spectacular combination of glass in different shades and the stylish shape of this vase make it a mini-work of art. You can order an Incanto vase right now in our online store in just a few minutes.

Color Colorful
Country Италия
Form of a vase Table
Height, cm 37
In box Count
Material Glass
Package size 13 cm × 20 cm × 37 cm
Per package from 1 Count
Structure Murano glass
Trademark La Murrina Murano

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