Vase floor "Delta" mix.

Not available Vase floor
  • $75.20

This vase is a great way to emphasize the overall style of the interior.

There are many reasons to have such an item at home. Here are just a few of them :.

  • The formation of a festive mood. You can decorate the vase for the New Year with a garland, tulips for March 8, roses for Valentine's Day, willow for Easter. Due to the fact that this is a noticeable element of the interior, you can easily and quickly create a festive mood throughout the house.
  • Filling corners, podiums, niches. Thus, you can make the atmosphere more comfortable and multifaceted.
  • Create a group composition. If space allows, place several vases so that they match in style or color. This will give the setting a more complete look.

The suitable shape and style of this item will emphasize the merits of the design of the apartment. A vase can be a great gift for any reason, because such an element of the interior is practical and is able to create a good mood every day!

Color Beige
Country Ukraine
Design Relief
Form of a vase Outdoor
Height, cm 81
In box Count
Material Ceramics
Package size 17.5 cm × 17.5 cm × 81 cm
Per package from 1 Count
Structure Ceramics
Trademark Керамика ручной работы

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