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Vase "Effie" 1.6 l.

Not available Vase
  • Brand: Evis
  • Product Code: 159575
  • Availability: Not available
  • $26.32

Bring the boldest design ideas for home decoration to life! A clear glass vase is the foundation for your creativity. Pour colored sand, pebbles, shells or other decor into it. Create stunning interior arrangements of flowers and greenery.

Effie vase 1.6 liter will be an unforgettable gift if you put candies or other sweets in it. Unleash your imagination !.

Each vase is blown out by the master - you will not find two exactly the same. A random air bubble or a frozen glass droplet on the neck only emphasize its uniqueness.

Color Transparent
Country Russia
Form of a vase Table
Height, cm 16
In box Count
Material Glass
Package size 11.5 cm × 22 cm × 16 cm
Per package from 1 Count
SK WB. 2901595750005
Structure Glass
Trademark Evis
View Glass
Warehouse CVU 2
xml-generator-id 41

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