Turk "Nostalgia" 0.6l.

-12% Turk
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Real "coffee lovers" will be able to appreciate the Turk from clay. Thanks to the special structure, the drink in it turns out to be truly delicious and noble. During the brewing process, the entire depth of the coffee bean is fully revealed. Thanks to the special glaze of Turk "Nostalgia" 0.6l does not absorb the taste and aroma of coffee, allowing you to cook different varieties in turn. Thick walls prolong the boiling of the drink, even when it is removed from the fire.

Double firing increases the strength of the product, significantly extending its service life. The “regular” shape with a wide bottom and a narrow neck with shine preserves the aroma of coffee, and the conical shape allows the coffee grounds to settle to the bottom faster. You will not regret the purchase, because Borisovskaya Ceramics fits perfectly into the interior of any kitchen, bringing with it beauty, comfort and a little warmth.

Color Brown
Country Russia
Diameter, cm 19
Figure No
In box Count
Material Ceramics
Per package from 1 Count
Plate type For electric cooker
Rosscup Yes
Set No
Structure Ceramics
Trademark Борисовская керамика
Volume, ml 600
Warehouse Kiu 10

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