Construction sets

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Construction set "Northern Animals", 60 parts.

With this set, the child will build his own Arctic station, where he will study northern animals. Th..


Constructor "Girl with a Computer", 31 parts.

Home for a young lady. With the PEIZHI brand “Fun Weekend” set, the baby will equip the chrysalis ro..


Constructor "Girl with a Dog", 76 parts.

Animal lover. Ausini brand kit will take the baby to Wonderland, where she will make friends with a ..


Constructor "Happy Farm", 54 parts.

The inhabitants of this farm will not let anyone get bored. With a mischievous monkey, rooster, hare..


Constructor "Mobile Ice Cream Cafe", 212 parts and 2 minifigures.

In the rhythm of the metropolis. Does baby love sweets? Then, from the designer of the "Mobile Ice C..


Constructor "Scene", 243 parts.

Become a superstar. With the fascinating designer “Scene” of the series “Wonderland”, the baby will..


Constructor "Water Plane", 161 parts.

The fun begins !. Little adventure lovers will like the unusual “Water plane”. This aircraft model i..


Constructor Car Convertible, 145 parts.

Personal car for a little lady. Girls also love cars. The baby will definitely want to have her own..


Constructor Concert Stage, 107 parts.

Starters. With a set of Ausini brand, the baby will feel like a real artist. She will put together a..


Constructor for girls "Fairy tale castle", 500 items

With the designer "Fairytale Castle", the baby will come up with her own magical story about how the..


Constructor Girls "Bicycle Service", 24 parts.

Adventures await. Baby loves to ride a bike. But what to do if suddenly during a walk a flat tire? U..


Construction sets