Toys for Girls

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"Tea set" set for 4 persons.

Sizes. Kettle: 5.7 × 7 cm. Cup: 1.7 × 2.8 cm. Saucer: 0.6 × 3 cm. Spoon: 4.2 × 1.3 cm...


A doctors "hospital" 8 items -17%

A doctors "hospital" 8 items

Does the child like to play "doctors"? Give him a set of toy medical instruments. All elements are m..

$8.46 $7.02

A safe toy with sound effects

A toy safe will teach kids to take care of values: in it, children will be happy to keep their treas..


A set of "Learn to cook" Velcro, 7 items

With a fascinating set, the young chef will learn to cook faster. In a playful way, children learn n..


Toys for Girls