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Chests of Drawers for Toys

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Chest of 4 sections "Multi-remote", on wheels, pistachio color.

Roomy modern and ergonomic chest of drawers is ideal for a children's room. Smooth corners and a li..


Dresser 4 section "Alt Deco: Cat".

From the very birth of a child, parents want to surround him with care, love and comfort. A spacious..


The chest of drawers "Topotushki" "Fortune" "kids", 4 boxes

chest of drawers of Fortune kids The first friends of your crumbs which is special in this chest o..


The dresser "Topotushki" "Richard Plus", 5 boxes, ivory color

The dresser of the toptes Richard plus a changing (5 boxes) 800/5 MDF with milling. Features: a ch..


Chests of Drawers for Toys