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Car RC pick-up, light effects, battery powered MIX color

For a novice motorist. The powerful radio-controlled Pickup car will delight any boy. With this toy..


The car radio-controlled "Retromobile" works from batteries.

Fun adventures with a funny car. From the radio-controlled "Retrotachki" the boy will come to indesc..


Machine RC "Changeling", battery powered, lighting effects, color MIX

Toys of real champions. Do not know what to please a child with? Any boy will be delighted with the ..


Machine-Changeling "ladybug", RC, lighting effects, color MIX

“Ladybug” is a funny shifter that will delight your baby. The baby will be able to control the toy ..


Truck RC "Construction", with crane, lighting effects

We are building a city of dreams. You can’t do without such a machine on a toy construction site. A ..


Machine RC "Convertible", color MIX

For a young conqueror of roads. From a bright and modern car "Convertible" any boy will be delighte..


RC car "Lambo - Police" 1:24 scale, MIX colors

Does your son want to be a guardian of order? Then he will definitely like the radio-controlled car ..


Radio controlled car "Police" 1:24 scale, battery powered lighting effects

Always on guard. Radio-controlled car "Police" will take its rightful place in the collection of equ..


Car RC Jeep, battery, scale 1:24, MIX colors

What does a beginner young racer need? Cool fast car! Car RC Jeep, battery, scale 1:24, MIX colors w..


Bus RC "Urban", light effects, battery powered MIX color

Want to surprise your baby? Present the little boy the radio-controlled bus. It is very similar to r..


RC tank Protector, battery, light and sound effects, MIX colors

We will win on all fronts !. With the tank "Defender" the young commander will win any impromptu bat..


Alien "Mini-Chimera", on the radio, with battery, light and sound effects, MIX colors -10%

Alien "Mini-Chimera", on the radio, with battery, light and sound effects, MIX colors

Radio-controlled monster bakugan is an ultramodern toy, the dream of any child. In a matter of seco..

$69.72 $62.88

RC car "SUV", with battery, light effects, MIX colors

Functional features. Lights are on;. Rides forward, backward, right, left. Equipment. Typewriter;. R..


RC machinery "Excavator", runs on batteries

We master special equipment - we grow handymen !. Heavy equipment has always occupied the boys, beca..


Machine RC "Supersonic", with rechargeable battery, MIX color

For a racing champion. Such a jeep is not afraid of any obstacle. The powerful Super Racer will beco..


RC car "Super car" battery powered MIX color

"Supercar" - a really cool car. Powerful, bright, and even controlled by the remote control, it will..


Designer "Supercar", with a radio-controlled mechanism, 186 parts.

“Supercar” is what a young athlete needs to participate in a high-speed race. Of the 186 parts, the ..


RC car "police jeep", with battery, MIX color

The radio-controlled SUV is made in the form of a police rescue vehicle. Its large wheels with a dee..


RC tank "Invader", light and sound effects, the console runs on batteries, scale 1:48, MIX

We will win on all fronts !. The Invader tank is what a small man needs. Designed like a real comba..


Tractor radio-controlled "Truck", sound, light, battery powered

Toys for young lovers of technology. With a radio-controlled “Loader”, the boy will not only get acq..


RC tank "Attack", battery powered MIX color

Functional features. the tower of the tank rotates;. the car goes forward and backward, and when rev..


Radio-controlled tank "T90", scale 1:28, with battery, lighting and sound effects.

Functionality Lighting effects: diodes on the headlights;. Sound effects: imitation of shots;. Turre..


RC tank "T-90", with battery, light, sound, MIX colors

Build your invincible army. Please the little defender with the powerful T-90 radio-controlled tank...


Machine a radio-controlled "Cars", lighting effects, scale 1:14, MIX colors

For little lords of speed. Which boy doesn’t dream of owning a car? Fulfill the child’s desire by pr..


RC tank "T90", with battery, shoots BB bullets

Functional features. the tank fires BB-bullets (suitable for airguns);. in technology, the tower rot..


Machine a radio-controlled "Jeep-trial", all-wheel drive, battery, scale 1:18

Equipment:. power supply - 1 pc.,. battery - 1 pc.,. batteries - 3 pcs. AA 1.5V. Characteristics. S..


The car on the radio "Evo", a MIX

Functional features. speed: 5 km / h;. remote control range: 15 m. The machine runs on 3 AA batterie..


RC truck "dump Truck", runs on batteries, lighting effects, scale 1:24, MIX

We are building a city of dreams. Boys who like to play on the construction site can not do without ..


Machine RC "Patrol" battery powered MIX color -15%

Machine RC "Patrol" battery powered MIX color

On guard of order. With the radio-controlled Patrol car, the boy will catch all the criminals. It is..

$37.24 $31.60

Machine a radio-controlled Rover runs on batteries, scale 1;24, MIX colors

Striving for victory. A real man, even the smallest one, needs a cool status car with which he will ..


Radio-controlled car -22%

Radio-controlled car "Supercar", powered by batteries, MIX.

Forward to the victory!. Little fidget will be delighted with the radio-controlled “Supercar”. With ..

$19.22 $15.01

Radio-controlled car "Police Patrol", runs on batteries.

Defeat crime !. With the radio-controlled car "Police Patrol", the boy will join the ranks of law en..


Truck radio-controlled "Truck", tractor, battery powered

Lord of the roads. Radio-controlled "Avtovoz" rushing to deliver special equipment to the constructi..


Machine remote controlled "Bigfoot" battery powered 1:20 scale

Lord of the roads. The powerful Bigfoot impresses the little rider with its incredible design and fu..


RC car Speed, battery powered MIX color

In pursuit of speed. With a radio-controlled SUV, the boy will become a real champion in off-road r..


Truck radio-controlled "Truck", runs on batteries, MIX colors

Lord of the roads. What heavy vehicles are capable of, the boy finds out with an incredible radio-co..


Crane RC "Crawler", with rechargeable battery, 1:18, light and sound effect

Functional features. sound effects;. lighting effects: light bulbs in the cockpit are lit. The crane..


Bus RC "delivery Service", light effects, battery powered MIX

Functional features. lighting effects: during the game, a lamp in the cockpit lights; the bus runs o..


RC tractor "Loader", 1:32, battery powered

A functional forklift will help your child build their own dream city. Using the remote control, the..