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Boat RC, hovercraft, MIX colors

Best gift for a beginner rider. From a radio-controlled hovercraft, any boy will be indescribable de..


Boat RC, MIX colors

You think, what else to surprise the child with? This bright, radio-controlled boat makes it easy fo..


RC car "Amphibian", battery powered

Functional features. lighting effects: headlights burn;. control range: 30-40 m;. the machine runs o..


RC car "Amphibian", with battery, light effects, MIX

Lord of the road. "Amphibian" - a radio-controlled all-terrain vehicle that can overcome any track. ..


Submarine RC "Storm seas" , lighting effects

Radio-controlled submarine will delight all lovers of sea adventures. Thanks to the remote control a..


Submarine RC diving module light effects, MIX colors

Young conquerors of the water element. The kid will be happy to explore the depths of the sea with t..


The radio controlled boat "Fire protection"

For the conquerors of the water element. On the radio-controlled boat "Fire Protection", the baby wi..


The radio controlled boat "Patrol", runs on batteries

Radio-controlled boat "Patrol" was created for young rescuers. His remote control is made in the for..


The radio controlled boat "Victory", battery powered, pneumatic Board, light effects

Arrange water races ?. A functional hovercraft is what a young mariner needs. With this toy the boy ..


The radio controlled boat "Yacht", powered by batteries

The radio-controlled yacht is designed for young lovers of sea travel. Her remote is made in the for..


Boats & Ships