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Appliances "Vacuum Magic"

With the Magic vacuum cleaner, order in the house will be restored as if by magic. With him, the bab..


Carmen No. 2 game set with a washing machine.

At preschool age, children in games imitate parents. Kids dream of housekeeping like mothers. A seri..


Cooler for baby "Fun fountain" with a bottle and cups

Before using the toy, you must :. remove the bottle from the cooler;. wash the bottle and then draw ..


Home appliances "Cooler" with a mug

A bright cooler with a mug will harmoniously fit into the interior of the children's kitchen, with i..


Home appliances "Microwave oven" giant with accessories, light and sound effects

A microwave oven is an indispensable device in the kitchen: it not only quickly heats food, but also..


Home appliances "Microwave oven", light, runs on batteries

The children's kitchen cannot do without a functional microwave. This technique will expand the gami..


Home appliances "Phone Dream"

The landline telephone, made in the classical style, harmoniously fits into the interior of the chil..


Home appliances "vacuum Cleaner giant", light and sound effects

With the “Giant” vacuum cleaner, cleaning the house will become the baby's favorite hobby. Large siz..


Home appliances "vacuum Cleaner giant", light and sound effects

Modern household appliances are necessary even in the baby’s room. With her own vacuum cleaner, the ..


Home appliances "vacuum Cleaner", light effects, battery powered

We create comfort at home. With a bright vacuum cleaner, the baby will feel like a real mistress. Sh..