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A safe toy with sound effects

A toy safe will teach kids to take care of values: in it, children will be happy to keep their treas..


A set of appliances with a washing machine, 10 items, with light and sound effect, runs on batteries.

It is important from childhood to accustom the baby to order. A game kit will teach a girl to proper..


A vacuum cleaner a "Mini-home" lighting effects, sucks the garbage

Each baby dreams of being like a mother: economic, neat and hardworking. In this, a vacuum cleaner i..


Appliances "dryer", MIX colors

We are modding together. What does a girl need to always look beautiful? Of course a neat outfit an..


Carmen No. 2 game set with a washing machine.

At preschool age, children in games imitate parents. Kids dream of housekeeping like mothers. A seri..


Cooler for baby "Fun fountain" with a bottle and cups -6%

Cooler for baby "Fun fountain" with a bottle and cups

Before using the toy, you must :. remove the bottle from the cooler;. wash the bottle and then draw ..

$55.29 $52.12

Home appliances "Cooler" with a mug

A bright cooler with a mug will harmoniously fit into the interior of the children's kitchen, with i..


Home appliances "Microwave oven" giant with accessories, light and sound effects

A microwave oven is an indispensable device in the kitchen: it not only quickly heats food, but also..