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Set doctor "Good doctor", 21 item

Does the child like to play "doctors"? Give him a set of toy medical instruments. All elements are m..


Doctor set "Nurse" 14 items in the suitcase

Does the child like to play "doctors"? Give him a set of toy medical instruments. All elements are m..


Tool kit "Builder-3", 7 items

A set of tools, 7 items - this is a great toy for a child. Bright models will not only please your b..


A set of products, "cook", food-cutting Velcro, MIX

We develop culinary talents. A set of "Cooks" is what you need in a cozy children's kitchen. From br..


A set of appliances with a washing machine, 10 items, with light and sound effect, runs on batteries.

It is important from childhood to accustom the baby to order. A game kit will teach a girl to proper..


Set slot "hostess", 3 items: shovel, brush, MOP (height 52 cm) -14%

Set slot "hostess", 3 items: shovel, brush, MOP (height 52 cm)

Do you want to accustom your daughter to order from childhood and instill a love of cleanliness? Pre..

$16.73 $14.45

Set "Mechanic Maxi 2".

Parents should definitely support a wonderful boyish desire to become a jack of all trades. The Mech..


Set slot "Bread", 12 items

The Bread Set is a set of items in the form of baking that the child will use in a variety of game s..


Kettle -11%


Have a nice tea party. A colorful kettle perfectly complements the interior of the children's kitche..

$15.61 $13.89

Set "Chistyulya-mini", MIX.

A wonderful story-based role-playing game in a hostess will become even more exciting along with the..


Lunch set.

The composition of the set. 2 sausages 10 x 1.5 x 1.5 cm. Cheese 8.5 x 7 x 2 cm. Croissant 10 x 3 x ..


Tool kit "Young mechanic", 8 items

With the Young Locksmith toolkit, the kid will receive his first experience with tools and will bec..


Set "Little craftsman."

Watching dad repair something is very exciting, but more fun to learn it yourself. The Little Crafts..


Toy "Scales with weights"

Wooden toys are the first friends of your crumbs, with their help he develops and learns the world. ..


Doctor set "Doktorino" mix No. 3A-058AB.

Item sizes :. stethoscope - 16 x 7 cm;. glasses - 6 x 2 cm;. tool tray - 6 x 4 cm;. neurological ham..


Game set "Shop": scales and cash desk.

Dimensions (L x W x H) :. box office: 8.5 x 7.5 x 7.5 cm;. scales: 10 x 5 x 11 cm. ..


A set of tools "Workbench of the carpenter", 16 details

All parents want their kids to grow up happy and healthy. Over and over again, they choose the highe..


Doctor set Doctor, and 15 items in your suitcase

Learning to treat. With bright items of the “Doctor” set, the baby will take the first steps in the..


Game set "Nanny".

With a bright game module of the Polesie trademark, the baby will become a caring nanny for the toy ..