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Toy music microphone "Princess" sound effects

How to become a star ?. Does the baby dream of a stage, applause and universal recognition? The inc..


Toy Microphone, lighting effects, music, MIX

The first recital of the kid !. Does the kid love to sing, wants to become a professional musician..


Microphone "Karaoke", sound effekte, runs on batteries

It is very important to support the beginnings and dreams of the child, and together with the musica..


Microphone "Karaoke", plays songs of V. Shainsky.

If your child loves to sing and wants to become a real artist, then he will be happy to sing with a ..


Toy musical Microphone, light and sound effects, battery powered MIX color

Sing ?. With a bright microphone of the Smart Bee series, the kid will feel like a real star of the ..


MIC Duet, stand, usb light and sound effects

Maintaining the beginnings and dreams of the child is very important. The musical microphone will al..


Microphone stand "Show", lighting and sound effects

The bottom of the stand lights up. The microphone reproduces sound only through AUX (a wire is inclu..


Microphone stand "Young star"

Features of the toy. Sound effects (whistle, ovation, 10 lullabies). At the edges of the lamp blink...