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Additional set "Imaginarium. Odyssey".

Are you familiar with the Imaginarium 3D version? Agree, you don't always want to sit in glasses and..


Additional set "Imaginarium. Pandora".

According to the myths of ancient Greece, Pandora was created at the behest of Zeus as a warning to ..


Additional set "Imaginarium: Ariadne".

"Imaginarium: Ariadne" - an additional set of cards for the game of the same name. Discover a new wo..


Board card game UNO - deluxe version.

UNO is a fun board game for a group of friends and family. In it you need to play your cards the fas..


Board game "Dobble".

What to do with a child on a rainy or winter evening? How to entertain a company of schoolchildren s..


Board game "Imaginarium".

There are many unusual illusion paintings in the world. Two people can associate absolutely opposite..


Board game "Improvisation: Classic".

"Improvisation: Classic" - a board game for guessing words. You need to explain as many of their mea..


Games for Groups