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Toy foldable "Funny animals", a MIX

Not available Toy foldable "Funny animals", a MIX
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Wooden toys are the first friends of your crumbs, with their help he develops and learns the world. They are strong, durable and environmentally friendly. The special texture of wood has a beneficial effect on the development of fine motor skills of fingers.

A cheerful bright little animal, in which the arms and legs are folded, will surely please the baby! So many interesting stories can be invented with the participation of colorful animals. Tell the baby about the features of each of them, this will expand his horizons and train his memory.

Age 3 years
Country China
For anyone Unisex
In box Count
Kind of animal Wild
Material Tree
Natural wood Yes
Package size 4 cm × 7 cm × 8 cm
Per package by 12 Count
Skills development Motor skills
Structure Tree
Warehouse CVU 2

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