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Tie carnival "I love Russia", set of 6 PCs

Not available Tie carnival "I love Russia", set of 6 PCs
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A noisy fun party is a great occasion to attract the attention of a large number of people. But in order to stand out from the vibrant crowd you need something really extraordinary! Tie carnival "I love Russia", set of 6 PCs is what you need! The accessory is made of lightweight plastic, with a comfortable rubber band for attaching to the neck. This bright attribute of a noisy and fun party will make you the star of the evening !.

And if you are looking for a gift to your eccentric friend, a tie is simply indispensable in this case. Such a gift will not go unnoticed and will appeal to those who do not want to hide their bright personality behind gray, everyday things !.

Live bright!

Accessory Tie
Color Colorful
Country China
In box set
Material Plastic
Package size 15 cm × 30 cm
Per package from 1 set
Structure Plastic
Theme of the party The Day Of Russia
Trademark Country Carnival
Warehouse CVU 2

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