Thimble souvenir "Abakan"

Thimble souvenir "Abakan"
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The thimble has always served not only to protect the finger from a needle with a needle, but also as a souvenir, decoration. According to statistics, in the world about 20% of people collect something in a collection. Such a thimble will become the embodiment of the dream of a lover of traditional things.

From fascinating trips to different parts of the world, we love to bring souvenirs with the symbols of cities: they remind us of the places we managed to visit.

When purchasing this souvenir for yourself, do not forget to make a gift to your family, friends, work colleagues or friends. Your attention will be appreciated.

Color Bronze
Country China
For anyone Unisex
In box Count
Material Metal
Package size 2.2 cm × 2.2 cm × 2.5 cm
Per package from 10 Count
Recipient Without an addressee
Structure Metal
Theme of the party The day of the city
Themes Symbols of cities
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Warehouse Kiu 11

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