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The trick "Ring spray"

The trick "Ring spray"
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Want to have a “wet” party and laugh heartily? The trick "Ring spray" will take anyone by surprise. A toy that can make you laugh, refresh and surprise is the best option for the original draw. It looks completely harmless - even those who, even at your appearance, will look around cautiously will not feel the catch. The principle of operation is elementary simple: pour liquid into the toy, click on it - we get a stream of life-giving moisture. Where exactly she gets to - you decide, fantasize! Such a "shower" will invigorate and energize for the whole day!

Age 3 years
Country China
In box Count
Material Plastic
Package size 3 cm × 8 cm × 15 cm
Per package from 24 Count
Structure Plastic
Trademark Country Carnival
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Warehouse CVU 2
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