The tea pot 900 ml "Tree of life"

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The oriental art of the tea ceremony holds many secrets. The taste of your favorite tonic drink depends not only on the type of tea or the method of brewing leaves. An important role is played by a good selection of dishes. The kettle should have a neat strainer to filter the tea leaves, it should have a narrow nose that will not let out the aroma, and, of course, you should pay attention to a convenient handle.

In conditions of a frantic pace of life, it is difficult to regularly find time for an unhurried ritual in full accordance with the canon: using gaiwani and chahaya. It is enough for a modern tea lover to purchase a successful teapot and plunge into the world of the invigorating aroma and life-giving force of an ancient drink every day.

The offered tea pot 900 ml "Tree of life" is made from high quality ceramic. A decal with delicate natural motives will delight all participants in the tea party. The fragile-looking model has high wear resistance and with proper care will serve its owner for a long time.

Please yourself and your loved ones with an elegant piece of dishes that will serve faithfully for many years.

Color Yellow
Country China
Figure Yes
Fragile Yes
In box Count
Material Ceramics
Package size 18.5 cm × 14.5 cm × 12.5 cm
Per package from 1 Count
Set No
Structure Tree, ceramics, stainless steel, plastic
Volume, ml 900

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