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The tea pot 500 ml "Vesuvius", bottom d=7 cm

The tea pot 500 ml "Vesuvius", bottom d=7 cm
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We present to your attention the amazing dishes of the perfectionist. The tea pot 500 ml "Vesuvius", bottom d = 7 cm was created for those who strive for absolute perfection in everything. Why do we think so? Let’s explain now !.

Did you know that the ideal brewing time depends on the type of tea, the temperature of the water and even its hardness? How to achieve the perfect taste in such conditions? There is only one way out: strictly control the time the tea leaves are in the water.

Our kettle consists of two compartments: the upper sieve and the lower flask. Do you need to insist dear puer exactly 20 seconds? We fill it in the upper sieve, fill it with water. After 20 seconds, press the button, and voila: tea from the upper compartment falls into the lower, and your tea leaves remain in the sieve, waiting for a new portion of hot water.

By experimenting with the duration of brewing, you can achieve a completely new taste, and any drink will open before you in full view. The tea pot 500 ml "Vesuvius", bottom d = 7 cm will be a great gift for connoisseurs of elite varieties of tea and all those who like to strictly control everything and everything.

Enjoy your tea party!

Color Transparent
Country China
Features With a silicone
Figure No
In box Count
Material Glass
Package size 12 cm × 9.5 cm × 15 cm
Per package from 1 Count
Set No
SK WB. 2020065468674
Structure Metal, plastic, glass
Trademark Magistro
Volume, ml 500
Warehouse CVU 4
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