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The rubber ball "Watermelon", 3.2 cm, MIX colors

Not available The rubber ball "Watermelon", 3.2 cm, MIX colors
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The rubber ball "Watermelon", 3.2 cm, MIX colors is a toy that strives to gallop from its owner, and it is for this property that it is so popular. When hitting a hard surface, the rubber ball bounces and can jump up several meters. The greater the throwing force, the higher it will jump. And thrown from a small height, he will also jump briskly, though at your feet. Such indefatigable kruglyash charges positive children, adults and even pets, who will do their best to catch the elusive ball.

Age 3 years
Country China
Diameter, cm 3.2
In box Count
Package size 3.2 cm
Per package by 100 Count
Set No
Structure Rubber

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