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The mural "Fly-flutter the world adorn" 10 colors of sand

Not available The mural "Fly-flutter the world adorn" 10 colors of sand
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Creating a textured and colorful picture of sand is fun and exciting !.

The mural "Fly-flutter the world adorn" 10 colors of sand is a fascinating form of creativity that will appeal to any kid. The glue base is protected by a special layer of paper on which welded contours are applied. Each color is in its own area: separate the top layer with stacks and fill it with sand of a suitable color. Special contours will not allow colorful particles to mix and help to easily create a small sand masterpiece. Fill the picture gradually and do not forget to distribute small grains of sand over the glue layer to achieve a special image brightness.

What is useful ?.

Sand application helps the child develop logical thinking, sense of beauty, perseverance, abstract and logical thinking, quick wit, fine motor skills and coordination of movements.

In the set you will find :.

  • fresco base.
  • colored sand,.
  • stack.

A child can give a mural created by his own hands to his friend or decorate her children's room!

Age 3 years
Age Children
Country China
For anyone Unisex
In box Count
Material for the application Sand
Package size 0.1 cm × 20 cm × 25 cm
Per package from 20 Count
Series Without series
Structure Paper, sand, plastic
Trademark School of talents
Type Murals
View of the frescoes Uniform
Warehouse CVU 2

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