The kinesio tape 3.8 cm x 5m, mix color

-34% The kinesio tape 3.8 cm x 5m, mix color
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Kinesio tapes are elastic adhesive tapes made of 100% cotton and coated with a hypoallergenic acrylic-based adhesive layer that activates at body temperature. The elasticity of teips allows you to stretch them by 30-40% of their original length. By thickness and elasticity, they are close to the properties of human skin (epidermis).

The cotton base of teips promotes better evaporation and respiration of the skin, as well as faster drying of teip, which makes it possible to use it in water sports.

Directions for using the kinesio-taping method :.

  • Alignment of fascial tissues;.
  • Increase the space over the area of ​​inflammation and pain by raising the fascia and soft tissues;
  • Providing sensory stimulation to create support or restrict movement;
  • Help eliminate edema by directing effusions into the lymphatic flows.
Country China
In box Count
Package size 3.8 cm × 500 cm
Per package from 1 Count
Protection of body parts Universal
Structure Polypropylene
Trademark ONLITOP
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