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The icon to carry with you "the Holy GreatMartyress Marina"

Not available The icon to carry with you "the Holy GreatMartyress Marina"
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The icon to carry with you "the Holy Great Martyress Marina" is made of foil-shaped plastic in the shape of a dome, this miniature icon is convenient to carry: it does not crease, does not get wet, does not lose color. On the back of the icon is the words "Save and save".


Nominal icons are icons that depict a saint in whose honor they gave you a name. Such an icon with a heavenly patron is one of the most revered in Russia. Each Orthodox had his own icon.

As a rule, such icons are made small so that the owner can carry it with him and ask for help or blessings at any time. And when they baptized young children, their parents hung a name icon over the manger.

Where to wear a personalized icon ?.

It is best not to part with the image of your heavenly patron for a second, whether you are on the road or at work. An icon can be stored in a pocket, purse, bag or glove compartment of a car. The main thing is not near the money !.

How to understand which saint is your heavenly helper ?.

At baptism, each person is called a church name. It is given in honor of one of the saints, and it is this saint who becomes the heavenly patron of man. But if you are baptized in childhood, and there are no witnesses who know who your patron saint is, then the saint in whose honor you should celebrate your name day is that namesake saint whose celebration is closest to your birthday.

Personalized icons are always a very valuable gift. After all, this is not just a picture, but a look that brings a person closer to a saint, his patron saint, who invokes God's mercy through his prayers.

Country China
In box Count
Material Foil
Package size 0.1 cm × 5 cm × 8 cm
Per package from 50 Count
Saints Marina Speaker
Structure Foil
Themes Protection of the owner
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