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The icon of "Xenia" with led, oval

Not available The icon of "Xenia" with led, oval
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The Ksenia Petersburgsky icon with an LED, oval, is made of pure, high-quality glass The depicted image is fully consistent with the canons of the Orthodox Church It also has an LED that will glow in different colors for a long time If the batteries run out, they can always be replaced

Such an icon will be a worthy gift, a souvenir with a deep meaning, designed to emphasize the spirituality of the giver and recipient

Country China
Height, cm 9
In box Count
Material Glass
Package size 4 cm × 4.5 cm × 9 cm
Per package from 1 Count
Saints Xenia Of Petersburg
Structure Glass
Triptych No
Warehouse Kiu 11
Width, cm 4.5

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