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The icon in the "Vernicle", tapestry

Not available The icon in the "Vernicle", tapestry
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The icon in the "Vernicle", tapestry is a holy image woven on fabric and inserted into a wooden frame with glass. There is a stand on the back of the icon, so it’s convenient to place such an icon on the table. The icon is fully consistent with the canons of the Russian Orthodox Church. Packed in an original box and looks really rich - it will be a great gift with a spiritual component.

What helps :.

Miraculous healing is associated with this image. The king, suffering from leprosy, heard about the miracles performed by Jesus Christ, and wrote him a letter asking him to come to the palace and heal him. However, the Savior replied that his earthly mission had already been completed, so he would send one of his disciples who could cure the king’s illness. Then the ruler Hugar sent an artist to Christ to depict the Face of Jesus and bring it to the king’s residence. But the radiant radiance emanating from the Savior made this task impossible. In order not to sadden the suffering ruler, Jesus Christ washed himself and wiped off the wood (board), leaving an imprint of his divine, life-giving face on it. Having received the image sealed on the board, the king received deliverance from leprosy. After that, the Miraculous Image became especially revered in the kingdom of this ruler, and the teachings of Christ were first recognized by the state religion.

Country China
Height, cm 30
In box Count
Material Textiles
Package size 1 cm × 21 cm × 30 cm
Per package from 1 Count
Saints Vernicle
Structure Textiles
Triptych No
Warehouse Kiu 11
Width, cm 21

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