The housekeeper is "happiness" the mango tree

Not available The housekeeper is "happiness" the mango tree
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Forget where you put the keys? Tired of jumping around the house in one boot looking for them? Thanks to the original key keeper, you no longer have to do this.

Handmade drawing will not leave guests indifferent and will decorate the hallway. Metal hooks are securely attached to the wooden base, and the key holder itself is easily mounted on the wall. A souvenir from India carries the warmth of this country and the energy of the craftsmen who created it.

Add beautiful and functional little things to the house!

Color Brown
Country India
Features Without features
In box Count
Material Tree
Package size 12 cm × 8.5 cm × 3.2 cm
Per package by 2 Count
Structure Tree
Themes Keys
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