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The focus of "the veil of invisibility"

Not available The focus of "the veil of invisibility"
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Focus “Invisible handkerchief” Only a true magician can make a handkerchief disappear! The magician hides the handkerchief in his palm, makes a mysterious wave of his hand - and shows empty palms to the audience. Preparation is important for effective focus execution - be sure to train before the performance in order to perform the focus easily and beautifully. Take care of the mysterious atmosphere - twilight and music will make the show exciting. Do not forget about spells and magic wand! Instructions for the implementation of the focus: 1. Hide the finger on the right palm. Spectators must not see it! 2. With your left hand, wave the handkerchief and declare that you will make the handkerchief disappear. Insert the scarf in the right palm - it is important to hide the whole scarf in the finger. 3. With an imperceptible movement, put the finger on the thumb of the hand, make a magical movement, and demonstrate to the audience that the hands are empty. A mysterious twilight will create a magical atmosphere!

Country China
In box Count
Package size 2.5 cm × 8 cm × 12.5 cm
Per package from 1 Count
Structure Plastic, textiles
Warehouse CVU 2

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