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The doll "Masha", says 100 phrases, sings 4 songs.

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  • Brand: Peanut
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The doll "Masha" is very similar to the cartoon heroine: she is just as cheerful and talkative, with a recognizable sweet voice. The girl’s repertoire includes 100 phrases and four cartoon songs.

Themes phrases :.

  • "Greeting",.
  • “Maybe we’re eating already?” ,.
  • "We play in the hospital."
  • “Together we learn the alphabet.”
  • “Together we learn the colors of the rainbow.”
  • "Learning to dress."
  • "Games in the air."
  • “We are playing hide and seek”.


  • “About friendship”.
  • "Vodichka, vodichka. " ,.
  • "About the traces".
  • “About the jam.”
  • For Masha to sing or speak, press the heart button on the doll’s chest.

    A satin sarafan and a scarf are put on a perky baby, and rubber boots are on the legs. All garments can be removed.

    The head, arms and legs are made of vinyl, the body is made of plastic. Pupa eyes are framed by light cilia, they close if Masha is put down.

    The toy runs on 3 batteries of type L1131, the set includes demo batteries.

    Age 3 years
    Country China
    Features dolls You can brush
    For anyone For girls
    Gender doll Girl
    Height, cm 25
    In box Count
    License Yes
    Material Plastic
    Number of batteries 3
    Package size 10.5 cm × 14.5 cm × 27 cm
    Per package from 1 Count
    Russian voice Yes
    Series Masha and the Bear
    Size batteries LR44 (V13GA, AG13, LR1154)
    Sound Yes
    Structure Plastic
    Trademark Peanut
    Type of food From batteries
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    Warehouse CVU 2

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