Tank inertia "Winner" MIX

Tank inertia "Winner" MIX
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Raising a future defender.

With the inertial tank "Winner", the boy will feel like a brave warrior. The toy looks reminiscent of the technique of the times of World War II, with it the baby will come up with many exciting games and take part in impromptu battles.

To set the machine in motion, it is necessary to disperse it and sharply release it. "Winner" will quickly develop speed and instantly reach the intended target.

Inertial toys contribute to the development of fine motor skills in the baby, coordination of movements and spatial thinking.

This product is intended for children over 3 years.

Age 3 years
Color MIX
Country China
Directory of VB Yes
Features of machines The inertia
For anyone For a boy
In box Count
Inertia Yes
Material Plastic
Movement type Inertia
Package size 15.5 cm × 8 cm × 7 cm
Packing Box
Per package from 1 Count
Purpose of the transport Armed forces
Structure Plastic
Transport Tank
Transport Ground
Warehouse CVU 2

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