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Tabletop role-playing game "Live quest"

Tabletop role-playing game "Live quest"
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Forward! For adventure !.

The new unique game “Live Quest” is several times more interesting and intriguing than the familiar “Mafia”. This is a new word in psychological, detective games. As many as three stories in one box! Turn into heroes and expose the criminal.

But is this the same Mafia, only with a different plot ?.

And yes and no, from the "Mafia" there was only the essence - disclosure of the criminal, discussion and voting. But in this game you don’t need to fall asleep, kill someone. The crime has already been committed, and only one of those present is a villain, it can be anyone, the one who got the card with the "black mark!".

Hmm. and what are the cards in the game ?.

- Cards of Heroes - here each participant gets his role, which in the story is somehow intertwined with other heroes. Whose lover or friend you are, the hero’s card tells all this.

- Alibi cards - you get it together with a hero card, it can justify you or, on the contrary, make it a criminal.

- Investigation Cards - as soon as the discussion is at an impasse, the investigation will reveal new unexpected details.

What kind of stories? They seem to be three ?.

That's right, three completely different plot :.

1. Murder in a mental hospital. Who killed the poor gardener - psychos or staff, or maybe it was a guest ?.

2. The ashes of beloved grandmother. Well this is necessary, at a party someone stole an urn with the ashes of grandmother. Who committed the crime - friends, parents themselves or. the main character ?.

3. Office cheating. To clean the safe with money in the boss’s office is a serious crime. Which of the subordinates went for it ?.

What is the composition of the game ?.

- 110 cards (heroes, alibi, investigation).

- Leaflet with the rules and 3 scripts for the game.

New detective game - expose others, but not yourself !.

Age 18 years
Country China
Game time 40 minutes
Genre of the game Role
In box Count
Media gallery Without media
Number of players And 6 more
Package size 17 cm × 3.5 cm × 11.5 cm
Per package from 1 Count
Reason for the game Gift edition
SK WB. 2000382673449
Structure Paper, cardboard
Trademark LAS GAMES
Warehouse Kiu 11
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