Table developing game "Carnivores and herbivores", 36 cards

Not available Table developing game "Carnivores and herbivores", 36 cards
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Who is predatory and who is herbivore ?.

How many animals in the world around us! They live in water, fly through the air and run on the ground. Someone is a predator, and someone is a herbivore. The game "Learning animals" will help your child get acquainted with all this variety. Learn, collect cards and win !.

How to play?.

You can play together with a child or with a group of young researchers and why. The set includes 36 cards with images of animals that belong to different groups. All cards are divided equally between the participants in the game and the goal of each is to collect 6 pictures of one series. You can play in two ways - share cards with other participants or pull them out blindly.

Learning by playing !.

The educational game "We study animals" will help consolidate the idea of ​​the world around children, develop the ability to classify and group objects, and also develop such qualities as attentiveness, independence and communication skills.

Can a child play on his own ?.

Yes of course! But if the children are still too small, it is better if an adult takes part in the game, who will monitor the course of the game and help in the development of cards. If the children are not playing the game for the first time or can read the inscriptions on the cards themselves, then it will be enough to explain the rules to them and they will be able to play on their own !.

Inside you will find :.

  • 36 cards;.
  • game rules.

Carefully play, collect animals!

Age 3 years
Country China
Game time 15 minutes
Genre of the game Developing
In box Count
Media gallery Without media
Number of players 2 player
Package size 4 cm × 6 cm × 9 cm
Per package from 1 Count
Reason for the game For toddlers and preschoolers
Skills development Horizons
Structure Cardboard, glue
Trademark LAS GAMES
Training topic The world

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