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Sunscreen for face and body, waterproof, SPF 40, 75 ml.

Not available Sunscreen for face and body, waterproof, SPF 40, 75 ml.
  • Brand: Floresan
  • Product Code: 102825
  • Availability: Not available
  • $7.34

Sunscreen creams provide reliable protection against ultraviolet rays both in range A and range B in the conditions of active sun. The beneficial substances that make up the product have increased effectiveness, are easy to apply and quickly absorbed. Natural oils moisturize the skin.

The waterproof formula ensures the preservation of sun protection when in contact with water. Do not require re-application after bathing.

Great for mountain sports.

Directions for use: Before sunbathing, apply plenty of cream onto clean face and body skin until completely absorbed.

Age Grown
Country Russia
In box Count
Package size 14 cm × 3 cm × 5 cm
Per package from 1 Count
Rosscup Yes
SK WB. 6901028250009
Structure See packaging
Sun protection factor (SPF) 40
Temp. limit NOT LOWER than ℃ Zero
Trademark Floresan
View Cream
Volume, ml 75
Warehouse CVU 5

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