Sugar bowl, large, 15×10 cm, Khokhloma

Sugar bowl, large, 15×10 cm, Khokhloma
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Khokhloma is a true embodiment of the tradition of folk crafts in Russia. She is loved today for her unique patterns and harmonious color combination. The main paints used in the painting relate to the warm spectrum: red, black, gold.

The combination of these colors, which came from the icon painting, is very symbolic :.

  • red (beautiful) is the color of power;.
  • golden - the color of the search, prosperity, divine principle;.
  • black is the color of the curtain before eternal life, the color of spiritual purification.

This color helps to relieve stress and is comparable with the perception of a smoothly flowing river or peacefully burning fire.

The traditional elements of Khokhloma are red juicy berries of mountain ash and wild strawberries, flowers and branches. Often there are birds, fish and animals.

They paint products manually, without preliminary marking, thanks to this, each product is unique, and the picture each time differs from the previous one.

Color Colorful
Country Russia
Figure Yes
Form Oval
In box Count
Material Tree
Package size 15 cm × 15 cm × 10 cm
Per package from 1 Count
Rosscup Yes
Structure Tree
Volume, ml 200
Warehouse CVU 1

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