Stickers interior "Forest animals".

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  • Brand: Decoretto
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A sticker from the famous Decoretto brand will definitely appeal to your baby. After all, with these lovely "friends" the child will not be afraid to be alone in the room. Give your daughter or son the opportunity to independently choose the place where the interior stickers "Forest animals" will be located. And do not worry if these funny characters are glued unevenly, because they can be easily glued.

Stickers are made of durable material, so they can be used many times. They are easily removed even from the wallpaper, leaving no stains and greasy marks. In addition, the stickers hold tight for several years, do not swell and remain as bright. All products of this manufacturer are certified and can be used in preschool and school institutions.

Before drawing on a surface it is necessary to clear it of dust.

Country Russia
In box Count
Per package from 1 Count
Sticker Figure
Structure Vinyl
Temperature limitation Yes
Trademark Decoretto
Warehouse CVU 3

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