Stained glass paint, application, 6 colors x 20 ml, “Ray”.

Stained glass paint, application, 6 colors x 20 ml, “Ray”.
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Stained glass paint, application, 6 colors x 20 ml, “Ray” will help you realize your creative idea and create a pattern worthy of the largest window. The composition fits perfectly on any surface - a mirror, plastic or wood. After drying, the material does not wash off and does not begin to peel off.

The special consistency allows you to use any tool - from a pipette and sticks to brushes and syringes. With proper processing of the finished stained-glass window, the paint will forever retain a saturated color and clear lines, so that over the years you will compare your works.

Secrets of the masters of stained glass painting.

  • Combine different colors and use thinners to get the desired consistency or effect.
  • Consider the transparency of the stained-glass paint and the background color, so that the result looks like you intended.
  • When working with a mirror, remember that it distorts color: shades become an order of magnitude darker.
  • Use new materials for the base. Experiments can be performed with glass and wood, textured surfaces or curved shapes.
  • Learn to make work lasting. Various fixatives and varnishes help with this, which bring the final gloss.
Appointment Stained glass applique
Barcode on the item Yes
Color MIX
Country Russia
Euro slot No
Features color Transparent
In box set
Number of colors 6
Packing Bottle
Per package from 1 set
Set Yes
SK WB. 2900012081814
Structure See packaging
Temp. limit NOT LOWER than ℃ +2
Temperature limitation No
Temperature limitation Yes
Trademark Ray
View Paint
Volume, ml 20
Warehouse CVU 3

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