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Souvenir weapon "katana on a stand", a blue scabbard with patterns in the form of dragons

Not available Souvenir weapon "katana on a stand", a blue scabbard with patterns in the form of dragons
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We present to your attention a set of three souvenir swords on a stand. Katana appeared in Japan in 710. It is a curved sword forged from several layers of metal plates. Japanese katana-based swords have their own names :.

Katana is the main weapon of the samurai in battle. Only samurai had the right to wear a katana. Tati - a sword of the court and wealthy samurai, had a longer blade than the katana and curvature. This is due to the fact that noble samurai fought on horses and the increased length was needed to reach the bent opponents, and a large curvature - to inflict chopping blows.

The short sword (wakizashi), the twin sword to the katana, the samurai always carried with him, even at a party. With his help, a ritual suicide was committed - seppuku.

Souvenir weapons - a great gift for men, emphasizing a deep respect for who it is intended for, as well as collectibles. With katana, every man will feel like a noble samurai. You can store our souvenir swords at home without a special license for weapons, because they can not cause harm. Buy souvenir weapons in our online store at the best wholesale prices.

Blade length, cm 21
Country China
In box set
In the set pieces. 3
Material Plastic
Package size 10 cm × 89 cm × 25 cm
Per package from 1 set
Rosscup Yes
Set Yes
SK WB. 2902642720002
Structure Metal, plastic, textiles
Theme of the party February 23
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