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Souvenir "Two dove with flowers and rhinestones"

Not available Souvenir "Two dove with flowers and rhinestones"
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The dove is a symbol of meekness and non-malignancy, peace and tranquility. Like many birds, it has long been considered a transformed embodiment of the soul. It was a pigeon with an olive branch in its beak that became a symbol of hope and the end of the all-consuming World Flood. A pair of pigeons represents tenderness and affection, fidelity and love. This graceful figurine is a pleasant surprise for a loved one and an elegant interior decoration.

Coating Glaze
Color White
Country China
Height, cm 8.5
In box Count
Material Ceramics
Package size 6.5 cm × 9 cm × 8.5 cm
Per package from 1 Count
Shape of the figure Dove
Structure Porcelain
Themes Birds

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