Souvenir "the Little elephant"

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Souvenir "the Little elephant" is made of solid wood, you just have to look at it, and you will immediately realize that this is really handmade. An elephant is considered an embodiment of strength, wisdom and prudence. And in India, this "baby" is still considered a sacred animal. The souvenir is perfect as a gift to connoisseurs of Indian culture, collectors and lovers of eco-accessories. But there is a belief that if you collect 7 donated elephants (it is better to place them in a safe place), then success and prosperity will always and everywhere accompany you.

Color Beige
Country India
Height, cm 6
In box Count
Material Tree
Package size 5 cm × 6 cm × 3.5 cm
Per package from 24 Count
Shape of the figure Elephant
Structure Tree

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