Souvenir hourglass (35 secs) 7,2x3,8x3,8 cm

-57% Not available Souvenir hourglass (35 secs) 7,2x3,8x3,8 cm
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What, if not an hourglass, shows how time is flowing? This is the real embodiment of reality and the philosophical concept, within which the processes of being flow. In addition, it is believed that the form of this invention is a true embodiment of femininity and elegance. Let souvenir hourglass (35 secs) 7,2x3,8x3,8 cm not tell the exact time period, but they will remind you of something important. After all, looking at them, you can philosophize a little and reason, calm your nerves, try to pinpoint time. A great accessory that will be a wonderful decoration for any interior, whether it's an office or kitchen. Present this product to a collector, traveler, connoisseur of antiquity and luxury or the most non-punctual person, as if with a hint.

Country India
In box Count
Package size 3.8 cm × 3.8 cm × 7.2 cm
Per package from 1 Count
Structure Brass, sand, glass
View Without a time dimension
Warehouse CVU 6

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