Souvenir Horse, small, Gorodetskaya Rospis, mix

Not available Souvenir Horse, small, Gorodetskaya Rospis, mix
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Gorodets painting is a Russian folk art craft. There is from the middle of the XIX century in the area of ​​Gorodets.

This painting is distinguished by brightness, imagery and a straightforward plot. As a rule, Gorodets artists depict genre scenes in which both people and animals take part. Any image here has its own meaning. Thus, a horse is a symbol of wealth, a bird is a symbol of happiness, and flowers are health and prosperity.

The drawings on the product are unique, as they were created manually by the master.

Age 3 years
Country Russia
Design Art painting
Handmade Yes
In box Count
Material Tree
Per package from 1 Count
Rosscup Yes
Structure Tree
Tree view Birch
Type of drawing Hand painted
View Horses

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