Souvenir "Happy elephant" carved in gold

Not available Souvenir "Happy elephant" carved in gold
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Souvenir "Happy elephant" carved in gold is made of solid wood. The elephant represents strength, wisdom and prudence. And in India, he is still considered a sacred animal.

The souvenir will be a good gift for connoisseur of Indian culture, collector and lover of ethnic accessories.

There is a belief: if you collect 7 donated elephants (it is better to place them in the bedroom), then success and prosperity will always be with you.

Please note: the trunk of an elephant is directed upwards. This means that the souvenir will be a powerful talisman for attracting wealth to the house.

Color Brown
Country India
Height, cm 5
In box Count
Material Tree
Package size 5 cm × 7 cm × 3.5 cm
Per package from 24 Count
Shape of the figure Elephant
Structure Tree

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